Building the four C’s of the 21st Century.

What are these skills and how can they be useful for the children of today?

The world is accelerating with a lightning speed and we need to buckle up in order to be with the times. Education today is not just about chalk and board or paper and pen but a lot more. The times have changed and the generations along with the mindsets of the children.

With an immense exposure at our fingertips, the role of educators is not merely providing information but is of a facilitator guiding the students to move forward.

The educational sector has experienced a massive turn with the COVID hitting hard globally. The future is built in the classroom, irrespective of it being an offline class or an online one and it’s the teachers who are the pillars facilitating the drive.

The Illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn or relearn - Alvin Toffler

The 21st century is a digital era, with the integration of technology in the educational sector, the teachers have a lot on their plate to acquire sustainable education.

The current scenario of education needs a revamp which can be done by focusing on a few essential skillsets. In the current situation, which is constantly and rapidly developing requires skills which will prepare our children to confront the challenges and stay motivated to be steady on track and excel further. The student of today needs continuous supply of intriguing knowledge and the reliable sources to quench the thirst of discovery.

To get our children future ready, there are four major skills of the 21st Century to pay attention to, and they are as follows:

  1. Communication: Talk with others
  2. Collaboration: Work with others
  3. Critical thinking: Think for yourself
  4. Creativity: Make for yourself

These are the 4 C’s of the 21st Century which should be instilled among the students in order to make productive and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Ed web four c


The first and the foremost skill to work on is communication. Good communication is an ability which acts as a glue for embracing all the other skills. In order to avoid the unnecessary misunderstandings, putting oneself in a clear and effective manner becomes important. Communication helps in engaging with the others in an eloquent way and build relationships and thrive. According to a research done, effective communication can increase the productivity level of the employees by 25 %. Therefore, not just for an enterprise, but in constructing healthier relationships personally and professionally, it is important to communicate.



Collaboration requires communication and they go hand in hand. 86 % of employees cite the lack of communication and collaboration for workplace failures. Through collaboration, children learn to respect each other and their opinions, they understand the value of other’s worth and putting their strengths to good use. Attaining a goal by coming together is not less than an art where many different minds are involved. Engagement with brainstorming gives rise to successful outcomes when in a team thus preparing you for future collaborations.


Critical thinking

The ability to differentiate facts from opinions, making sound judgments, evaluating the situation in detail is critical thinking. A person with a rational attitude of analyzing situations makes him or her independent and provides the courage to accept failures which gives rise to better mental health. The teaching- learning process of today should throw light on thinking ‘out of the box’ and inventing new methods rather than sticking to old and unorthodox methods and strategies. The educational system of today requires the educators to teach “How’ to think rather than ‘What’ to think.

Critical thinking

Creative thinking

It is not about finding the solution but searching for various other ways to deal with the problem. Seeking inspiration from nature and extending the horizons of the mind can help get the creative juices flowing. Encouraging the child in looking at a problem from different perspectives uncovers an unusual way of looking at the world. If guided in the right direction, children can be made capable of breaking new grounds and excelling in their fields of interest.

Therefore, in today’s day and age, for the teaching – learning process to prosper, embracing technology, enhancing teaching strategies and making good use of the ocean of resources available online, the education field is under the ‘reconstruction’ mode. So let us contribute in building strong grounds for our children.

Creative thinking

What are your thoughts on the 21st century education? Do let us know.